About Us

At Brown Physical Therapy we use three keys to healing:

  Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Restoration



 For more than 15 years, Linda Brown has been helping people recover from injury.  She is known for her caring, individualized, one-on-one approach with each patient in the calm and relaxing environment of her clinic.  During your initial 1-hour evaluation, she will assess the underlying cause of your pain and comprise a customized treatment plan specific to you.  Part of recovery is controlling pain.  Whether your pain is caused from an accident, sports injury, post-operative discomfort, geriatric-related injury, repetitive movements, overexertion, or perhaps a lingering or untreated ailment, her approach is designed to improve your mobility and ultimately eliminate your pain.


 Whatever the cause of your pain, Linda has a hands-on approach to help you return to your normal daily activity as rapidly as possible.  She uses different manual skills and modalities to help in the rehabilitation process.  She will work with you through-out the entire treatment rather than being treated by an assistant or an aide.  Enhancing your physical health and overall well-being is Linda’s goal for you.


While Linda Brown will design a customized specific training regimen, she will also educate you on the importance of the stabilization and strengthening exercises to target both large and small muscles.  These exercises are demonstrated and explained in detail so you can be independent with your exercises at home or at the gym to speed up the rehabilitation process.

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