“I chose Linda Brown after interviewing four physical therapists prior to total hip replacement surgery, based on what they could do for me. I found Linda to have a very thorough understanding of what needs to be done and what the end goal should be. She answered all my questions very patiently and took me through paces to complete what we set out to do. Since I had hip issues for over 5 years, many of the muscles in my leg were in utter state of disuse. She worked with me to strengthen these muscles using soft tissue treatment, Pilates, balance exercises etc. I now walk normally without pain. She also worked on my gait issues and helped me lose most of my bad habits that I had developed over the years to protect my leg from pain. I would recommend Linda without the slightest hesitation and give her a five star rating for her knowledge, expertise, care, and commitment.” – Vijay B.

“I have been seeing Linda since she started her career in physical therapy 15 years ago. She has helped me strengthen and heal my body from past injuries on separate occasions. As a massage therapist I am very comfortable and confident in referring my clients whether it’s a sport or repetitive motion injury that is in need of rehab. Linda offers current techniques to help her patients, like me, heal acute and chronic injuries. Her hands-on technique will leave patients confident that they are on the road to recovery!” – Kimberly B.

“I had a lingering pain for many months. After being referred, I met with Linda. In my first appointment, she assessed and treated the painful area, and within an hour I was pain-free. That was over two months ago, and the pain hasn’t returned. I highly recommend Linda for you weekend warrior athletes out there who want to stay mobile, and keep the aches and pains at bay.” – Jayne A.

“Linda puts the needs of her clients first. She is thorough in her diagnosis of the injury, and knowledgeable about treatment. I went to Linda for help with a hip flexor injury after my first half marathon, and Linda met me at the park to watch my running style before taking me through a series of stretches to narrow down the problem. Ever since then I have done the stretches she recommended and after a few months my hip healed. It is now 100% .” – Nicole A.